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Kindle Pre-Orders Are Live!

Falstaff Books have put the first four volumes of The Withrow Chronicles up on Amazon for digital pre-order. These are, Amazon-wise,

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Back in the Saddle: Advertising, Brands, & Bookselling

Back in the Saddle Wow, it’s kind of been a while since I really did the whole blogging thing, hasn’t

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OK, Maybe There’s Something to Kindle Select After All (Er, Try Two)

For nearly two years I have stuck to my guns and insisted I would make my books available via as

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Just Like That

With the push of a button, Tooth & Nail is officially published. There’s a lot of “you should have a

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In the Merry, Merry Month of… April?

I’ve had my head buried in grad school this month but I also have some super-fun news: the editing and cover

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Stealth Launch: For Science!

I’ve published a new short story called “Complications”. It was inspired by Machine of Death and I obtained the explicit permission of

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Starting 2013 at a Sprint

December was occupied almost entirely with an extensive rewrite of Tooth & Nail, the sequel to Perishables. I had to

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Recommendations Matter Most

The last couple of weeks have been further experiments in pricing, with enlightening and slightly annoying results. The short version

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New Experiences Big & Small

I’ve now sold 30 copies of Perishables! Most of those are to people who are not strangers but many of

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Bargain Bin?

One of the most interesting things about putting something out there with a price tag on it is hearing people’s

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