Sedition & Escape

Readers—and writers—like to see problems solved and villains defeated. The problems in our stories spring from problems in shared reality, though, and the enjoyment we derive from seeing evil defeated and wrongs righted should motivate us in the real world long after. Let us be willing to speak out against what’s wrong or unjust as readily as we cheer for the hero when they step on screen.

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A Bunch of Nonsense

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A Devil of a Time

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Brick & Mortar & Me & You & Short Stories & Maybe Legal Advice

I am extremely pleased to say that I will soon be breaking into the realm of actual, physical bookstores! Atomic Empire will be carrying a few copies of Perishables and

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Hey, Spell Check Didn’t Object

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Tumblr, Editing & Website Revamps.

Revamps. Get it? Ha! I kill me! I read a fantastic idea for free marketing: give one’s characters their own Tumblrs. Roderick – Withrow’s psychopath cousin – would absolutely have

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Complications, Editing & A Game

I’m currently waiting for my editor to get back to me with the first round of suggested revisions, questions, & et cetera, for Tooth & Nail. I find this to be

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