SplatterFlix 2022 at the Carolina Theatre of Durham!

I’m thrilled to be at the SplatterFlix Film Series at The Carolina Theatre of Durham this weekend! I’m selling books,

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StoryBundle: Best of the Indies

$5 for 5 books, or 15 books for a little more? Who can beat that? As I type this, A

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New Life in Autumn – 6/9/22!

Hey, check out what’s coming soon! RETURN TO THE MEAN STREETS OF AUTUMNValerius Bakhoum is dead and buried. Too bad

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#TueSneakPeek: Aesthetics of New Life in Autumn

FYI, this post talks about themes and some 10,000-foot-view elements of a work that is not yet published, so if

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Sedition & Escape

Readers—and writers—like to see problems solved and villains defeated. The problems in our stories spring from problems in shared reality, though, and the enjoyment we derive from seeing evil defeated and wrongs righted should motivate us in the real world long after. Let us be willing to speak out against what’s wrong or unjust as readily as we cheer for the hero when they step on screen. … Continue readingSedition & Escape

2020 Manly Wade Wellman Award!

Y’all… …I won! Monday, July 27, 2020, Durham, NC: The North Carolina Speculative Fiction Foundation is proud to announce the winner of the 2020 Manly

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Manly Wade Wellman 2020 Finalists

Y’all, I am intensely proud and flattered and humbled (yes, while also being proud) to have A Fall in Autumn

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Promotions Pay Off

I’ve never worked as hard to promote a book as I have with A Fall in Autumn. In the two

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A Bunch of Nonsense

Here’s a post from my Facebook Page. And to think, people pay me for words that I write! Two and

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WIP: A Fall in Autumn

Someone suggested I start posting excerpts from what I’m writing at the moment, so I’m throwing this out there. Does

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