In Which I Declare Victory

As of this morning I’ve sold a total of 21 copies of Perishables. I know that at least (counts fingers)

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Bargain Bin?

One of the most interesting things about putting something out there with a price tag on it is hearing people’s

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Now Live on Smashwords!

Live on Smashwords! It’s being reviewed for their “premium” catalog, which comprises the books they distribute to iBooks, Barnes &

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A part of Perishables involves a woman who’s talking loudly and distressingly on a cellphone while in line at a

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Check it out: Perishables is live and available for purchase on the Kindle store! Overnight I got three sales, one

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They Have My Baby & They Won’t Let Me Edit It (Briefly)

The current issue of The Blotter is out and available in places where it’s normally available! Woohoo! In the meantime,

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Do Judge A Cover By Its Book

This is the initial rough sketch of a cover design done by John Ward. We’re collaborating in public on Google+

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The Stopwatch Is Your Frienemy

Another major realization while working on editing and formatting this afternoon and rewriting a chunk of Part III last night:

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Formatting Is A Pain, Or Not

I’ve been busily formatting and editing to get the manuscript prepped for the Kindle Store. I’m probably going to use

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Cover Design Discussions Begin

+John Ward is designing the cover for my book Perishables as part of The Perishables Project, linked below. We’re going to be working

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