Mood Boards: Contemporary Ancestors

Last year I made a few mood boards–two for the book, two for the main character–as part of the lead-up to a pitching event in which I was going to […]

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A Fall in Autumn is out now!

Hey, y’all! Just a quick post to make sure you know my new sci fi detective novel is out now from Falstaff Books! And check out this awesome cover! It was made by Melissa McArthur

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DragonCon 2014!

Going to Dragon Con? Stop by Westin Peachtree 1-2 on Saturday night at 10:00 and listen to me talk ‪Twin Peaks‬! Then we can hit the Spectrum Party without even leaving the

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In A Nutshell

Welcome, readers of The Blotter and followers of the cover design discussion on Google+! Want to read more of Perishables? No problem! You can read the rest of “The Vampire” right here as

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