A Bunch of Nonsense

Here’s a post from my Facebook Page. And to think, people pay me for words that I write! Two and

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Books & Brews: Durham, at Arcana on October 25th, 2018.

Money Talks – or Does It?

A long time ago I tried my hand at paid promotions on Facebook and got nowhere. Throwing $5 at it

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Follow-Up to Last Post: Promoted Advertisements

A little over a year ago I said I was going to try paying small amounts of money for promoted

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WIP: A Fall in Autumn

Someone suggested I start posting excerpts from what I’m writing at the moment, so I’m throwing this out there. Does

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Print Room Beamish - photo by David Masters - available under Creative Commons 2.0, Attribution Generic

Quandaries & Opportunities

I have an interesting opportunity and a quandary, and I’d like to describe them to you. One of the goals

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Deal with the Devil – Out Now!

Check it out:┬áDeal with the Devil is out now for Kindle! That last bit is important, though: it’s out for

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Brick & Mortar & Me & You & Short Stories & Maybe Legal Advice

I am extremely pleased to say that I will soon be breaking into the realm of actual, physical bookstores! Atomic

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ConCarolinas Wrap-Up

(I edited the buyer out of this photograph – which is of me signing my first ever autograph! – because

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ConCarolinas Schedule

This weekend I’m a writer guest at ConCarolinas in Charlotte, NC. I’ll be appearing on a bunch of panels and

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On Being Remembered After Networking

In two weeks I’ll be attending ConCarolinas 2013 as a writer guest and panelist. It’s my first convention and I’ve

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