Award-Winning Weird

A Fall in Autumn

A washed-up private eye and street hustler thousands of years in the future decides to take one last case.

Michael G. Williams

I write queer-themed speculative fiction celebrating the unexpected ways we outsiders find ourselves and our people at the heart of the mysterious and the macabre. I’m a member of HWA and SFWA and am on the NC Writers Network Board of Trustees.

I also co-host Arcane Carolinas, an award-winning podcast about the myths and legends of my native region, studied Performance Studies at UNC Chapel Hill and Appalachian Studies at Appalachian State, and am a brother in both Mu Beta Psi and St. Anthony Hall.

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Arcane Carolinas explores the myths, legends, and hidden history unique to this region. From mountains to sand dunes, high tides to hollers, we celebrate the folklore we all share.

Michael’s Books & Stories

A Fall in Autumn
(Autumn #1)

New Life in Autumn
(Autumn #2)

(The Withrow Chronicles #1)

Tooth & Nail
(The Withrow Chronicles #2)

Deal with the Devil
(The Withrow Chronicles #3)

Attempted Immortality
(The Withrow Chronicles #4)

Nobody Gets Out Alive
(The Withrow Chronicles #5)

Withrow: The Complete

Through the Doors of Oblivion
(Norton #1)

All the Pomp of Earthly Majesty (Norton #2)

Shut the Gates of Mercy
(Norton #3)

A Woman Unbecoming
(Horror Anthology)

(Poe-Inspired Anthology)

Wrapped in Red
(Vampire Anthology)

Wrapped in White
(Ghost Anthology)

Wrapped in Black
(Witches Anthology)

Playing with a Full Deck
(Science Fiction Anthology)