Book Review: Living Queer History

In my final semester at Appalachian State I wrote a review of Gregory Samantha Rosenthal’s Living Queer History, a nonfiction work

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The cover of the novel THE LONELY LETTERS by Ashon T. Crawley.

Book Review: The Lonely Letters

Last semester I wrote a review of Ashon T. Crawley’s book The Lonely Letters for a class in my Appalachian Studies

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A #PitLight-Adjacent Post (A Day Late)

This year I participated in #PitLight, a fun, upbeat, authors-only social media pitch event for books we’re working on (or

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Recent & Upcoming Virtual & In-Person Schedule!

I recently did a bunch of online panels in various places: I recently moderated a super-fun Con-Tinual panel about the

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SplatterFlix 2022 at the Carolina Theatre of Durham!

I’m thrilled to be at the SplatterFlix Film Series at The Carolina Theatre of Durham this weekend! I’m selling books,

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StoryBundle: Best of the Indies

$5 for 5 books, or 15 books for a little more? Who can beat that? As I type this, A

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New Life in Autumn – 6/9/22!

Hey, check out what’s coming soon! RETURN TO THE MEAN STREETS OF AUTUMNValerius Bakhoum is dead and buried. Too bad

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#TueSneakPeek: Shut the Gates of Mercy

I also did a Twitter thread on Shut the Gates of Mercy, my third Emperor Norton time travel novella, as

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#TueSneakPeek: Aesthetics of New Life in Autumn

FYI, this post talks about themes and some 10,000-foot-view elements of a work that is not yet published, so if

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A Work in Progress: Perfect Virtue

After spending the last couple of years neck deep in science fiction and urban fantasy, I’ve been dying to write

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