Book Review: T. Kingfisher’s THE TWISTED ONES

Are you reading T. Kingfisher? Are you devouring her books, perhaps physically, because they are SO AMAZING? Because if not, I think you might want to be!

The Twisted Ones is set in a fictional town not too far from Pittsboro, NC, which is, in turn, not too far from where live, so it was fun to see a landscape I know so well represented with such tremendous accuracy and poetry.

Kingfisher’s plotting is tight, her tension-building is meticulously managed, and her descriptive powers astound. I loved everything about this book. The supporting characters are exquisite, and the narrator is perfectly imperfect: strong-willed, angry, resentful, funny, compassionate, and self-reliant.

The way Kingfisher ties elements from old-school classic horror into her works is so compelling to me, and she pulls this one off in a manner so subtle that when I realized what work she was referencing I cried out aloud, driving down the road listening to the audiobook, and laughed in celebration.

For real, y’all. Read this book. It’s so good.

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