Check it out: Perishables is live and available for purchase on the Kindle store!

Overnight I got three sales, one of which was to the wife of a friend so it doesn’t count towards my goal of ten sales. The other two are totally counting unless someone outs themselves to me. It’s interesting to me to learn that I receive zero information regarding who purchased it, only the quantity month-to-date. It may be that as the data ages more of it is exposed to me: Amazon claims that I’ll get lots of ability to tell where it’s selling and why, though I suspect that contains the same ratio of truth to fiction as any other sales pitch. Given that I am much more likely to act as a consumer than a seller, I am A-OK with authors knowing basically nothing about me. I would much rather be able to shop in peace than to get rich and learn a bunch of stuff it isn’t my business to know.

It’s priced at $2.99 because that’s the lowest rate at which Amazon offers their best cut to the author. That seems a tad high to me given how many free and 99c books there are in there but I’m choosing to experiment with trusting Amazon’s guidance. Absolutely no one online, that I can find, will give advice on how to price an ebook and authors’ fora are full of extreme and conflicting advice. I suspect that the universality of knee jerk and shrill opinions is partly a sign that absolutely no one has any idea where the ebook market is going but they all hope to the gods they can pay the rent next month.

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