They Have My Baby & They Won’t Let Me Edit It (Briefly)

The current issue of The Blotter is out and available in places where it’s normally available! Woohoo!

In the meantime, I’ve uploaded Perishables to the Kindle store and am waiting some period of hours (12-48) before it’s really for-real for sale there and I’m tapping my toe impatiently because I already have realized things I did wrong in listing it and want to fix them. I’m now working on the Wordsmash formatting to get it submitted to iBooks, Nook and all the others. Wordsmash’s formatting requirements are not wholly different from those choices recommended for Kindle but not wholly the same. Wordsmash’s style guide also pointedly calls me out on some of the stuff I tend to do to arrange things on the page when writing. I don’t just mean they don’t recommend it, I mean they break out the ruler and slap the back of my hand.

Seriously, writing Part III and then rewriting it twice(!) took less time than formatting this thing in MS Word to the specifications of two different ebook publishers.

In the meantime, here’s the final version of the cover. I love how goofy and weird and creepy it is. It does a great job of capturing the incongruities. I mean, Perishables is pretty funny at times but it’s also horrifying and a little sad and at times gross and also compassionate. At least, I hope it’s funny and compassionate. All those other things are sort of distressingly easy to accomplish but humor and humanity are a couple of tough nuts to crack.

The final cover of Perishables.

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