A Devil of a Time

As I write this, I’m home sick from the day job. I’m a little woozy but every time I lie down I start having psychedelic dreams about my day job. Not bad dreams, necessarily, but wicked trippy. So here I am, sitting up instead and being abused by the cat for not being a more accommodating piece of furniture.

All this is to say, whoah, I have no idea where this is going.

Just kidding – I totally do!

I’ve spent the last six months revising Deal With the Devil, the third book of The Withrow Chronicles. I’m very proud of it and very pleased with some of the characters – old and new – I manage to introduce. Withrow’s world – that shadowed night-environ populated by the strange and the magical – is rapidly expanding and he’s having trouble keeping up. As an old Southern queen, in some ways it is his wont to ignore things and hope they go away. A problem he can put his fist through is one thing; a problem challenging his comfortable certainty he knows it all is quite another.

My initial hope had been for a 12/15 release date, but no dice. Lesson learned: don’t try to finish a 100,000-word work in the middle of the holiday season. Right now I’m kinda-sorta hoping for Christmas Day or maybe New Year’s.

I’ll be a guest at IllogiCon iii in Cary, NC, the second weekend of January and cannot wait! Super-nice folks and great conversations when I was an attendee last year. If all goes extremely well, I’ll have paper copies of Deal With the Devil along with paper copies of Wrapped in Red: Thirteen Tales of Vampiric HorrorPerishables (Withrow #1); and Tooth & Nail (Withrow #2).

I’ve also reached out to OutlantaCon and hope to attend that in May. I’m already confirmed for ConCarolinas, too!

2014 is going to be a busy year. Psychedelic dreams or no, maybe I should go back to bed and rest up for it.

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