Stark Raven Mad Interview + Convention Updates

Happy news! I’ve been invited back to ConCarolinas as an author guest in 2014! It’ll be May 30 through June 1. I loved attending it this year and cannot wait for next year.

My interview on Stark Raven Mad went great! K.C. was an incredibly gracious and generous interviewer, with both her time and her questions. You can download and listen to it here.

I ended up chickening out of trying to leave copies of Perishables or Tooth & Nail laying around at DragonCon. I was reminded that plenty of other vendors have gone and paid good money to get a spot in a (bad) vendor area and it would be unfair to them. That is a very, very valid point. It would be deeply unfair of me to take advantage of the venue in that way, especially because I go to DragonCon for fun, not business. Maybe one day I will apply to be a guest but for now DragonCon is our family vacation.

(It was a ton of fun this year! Excellent Rainbow Flag Party and some incredible gaming.)

Instead, I used DragonCon as an opportunity to do some networking. I got to meet Moxie, the queen bee of Rainbow Flag Party and an evangelist for OutlantaCon. There is a strong overlap between people who attend the Rainbow Flag Party at DragonCon and who attend OutlantaCon in midtown Atlanta. Their schedule always looks really good and I’ve wanted to go for several years but haven’t gotten it together to make it happen. Getting to go as a guest/vendor would definitely get me off my tail.

I’ve also reached out to the very kind folks at IllogiCon here in the Triangle to see if they might be interested in having me as a guest in January. Fingers crossed!

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