A Street of Wood and Blossoms

The Filbert Steps are a living embodiment of all the best things about San Francisco. … Continue readingA Street of Wood and Blossoms

A fist of stone rises over San Francisco

It’s what I think of when I think of that city, and it’s going to be one of the first places I go the next time I go back. … Continue readingA fist of stone rises over San Francisco

Weeper’s Corner with a French 75

Last week I turned in SHUT THE GATES OF MERCY, the third entry in my four-book Emperor Norton series, and

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Sedition & Escape

Readers—and writers—like to see problems solved and villains defeated. The problems in our stories spring from problems in shared reality, though, and the enjoyment we derive from seeing evil defeated and wrongs righted should motivate us in the real world long after. Let us be willing to speak out against what’s wrong or unjust as readily as we cheer for the hero when they step on screen. … Continue readingSedition & Escape

2020 Manly Wade Wellman Award!

Y’all… …I won! Monday, July 27, 2020, Durham, NC: The North Carolina Speculative Fiction Foundation is proud to announce the winner of the 2020 Manly

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Manly Wade Wellman 2020 Finalists

Y’all, I am intensely proud and flattered and humbled (yes, while also being proud) to have A Fall in Autumn

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Black Lives Matter + Pride was a Riot

This is just about to go out to my monthly newsletter. Can’t wait to see who unsubscribes! -M Pride Month

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Allison Dickson, Sekhmet Press, and the Donum Dei Trilogy!

Michael Williams: First things first: what can you tell us about the new book(s) with Sekhmet Press? Allison Dickson: Jennifer

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Emperor Norton Lives!

Hey, folks! The first installment in SERVANT/SOVEREIGN, my new time travel/urban fantasy/historical fiction series set in San Francisco, is out

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Cover of "Addict," the first book of The Cassie Tam Files

A Conversation with Matt Doyle!

Over the summer I had the good fortune to chat with fellow author Matt Doyle, of Matt Doyle Media: Taking

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