Withrow #5 Update & Preorder Links!

OK, so I promised an update on the fifth and final Withrow Chronicles novel, NOBODY GETS OUT ALIVE, on Monday. But my day job has been kicking my tail up and down the street and the world is insane so it’s kind of hard to get everything done some days.
ANYWAY, here’s the current status: about 55,000 words, and a climactic scene – not the big finish, but darned near it – is about to come crashing through the door and spray shrapnel everywhere. I’m guessing it’ll be done around the 75,000 words mark.
Writing this novel continues to be a /lot/ of fun!
In the meantime, the first four novels are available for Kindle preorder through 8/22:
PERISHABLES: http://bit.ly/Withrow1
TOOTH & NAIL: http://bit.ly/Withrow2
DEAL WITH THE DEVIL: http://bit.ly/Withrow3
ATTEMPTED IMMORTALITY: http://bit.ly/Withrow4

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