Tumblr, Editing & Website Revamps.

vampireteethcandyRevamps. Get it? Ha! I kill me!

I read a fantastic idea for free marketing: give one’s characters their own Tumblrs. Roderick – Withrow’s psychopath cousin – would absolutely have a Tumblr of bizarro stuff and Withrow would love Tumblr’s endless stream of classic cars and movie posters. They would of course follow one another. The more I thought about it, the more I loved it, et voilà: now Withrow has a Tumblr and so does Roderick. We’ll see if I do a decent job of updating them, won’t we?

Also, the theme I was using on this blog was pretty terrible. Some consultations with the magnificent Kat got me set on the right track. If you find problems with this one, or have an alternate suggestion, please feel free to let me know. I’ve also tightened up the pages and their purposes, so broken links should likewise be reported.

My editor has gotten back to me with his suggested changes and I’ve done a quick look through. So far I have zero objections. He pointed out some problematic contradictions in the text and he pointed out some scoping problems with a new power Withrow develops in the course of Tooth & Nail. Is it expensive using an editor? Yes, but these are problems I quietly knew the book had and yet was apparently unwilling to fix myself. So: worth it!

It was also worth it to have him say he likes Tooth & Nail even though it’s so different from Perishables.

All that’s left now is a quick second round of edits and reactions and the cover design and then Tooth & Nail is ready to go out the door. I started an initial read of the first draft of the third book – Deal With the Devil – and there’s a lot I like about it. I am pleasantly shocked, now that I’ve decided editing will not actually physically harm me, to find I don’t totally hate every word. This probably means I’m not very good at being critical of my own work but since I do all this primarily to entertain myself, well, mission accomplished.

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