Withrow 1: Perishables


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WINNER of the 2012 Laine Cunningham Award!

Withrow is a vampire lord in suburbia, navigating the petty gossip and prying eyes of his homeowners association.

Jennifer is a genius in a dead-end job.

When the zombie apocalypse breaks out in each of their towns, they see their lives turned upside down and shaken hard. But when they meet up and join forces, is anyone safe?

PERISHABLES is the award-winning story of wry horror, found family, trying times, neighbors you don't particularly like, friends you do, small towns, quiet suspicions, screaming terror, nerds, vampires, zombies, questionable recipes, and frustrated ambitions. More than anything, though, it's the story of people who think they're done with the world finding out the world isn't quite done with them…


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