The Perishables Project

My short novel Perishables won the 2012 Laine Cunningham Novel Award and The Blotter printed the first 20 pages of “Part I: The Vampire” in the July 2012 issue. At that time I decided to self-publish Perishables as an ebook.

The original plan was to conduct a grand experiment with this already somewhat experimental work of mine: publish it online and document what it took to sell 10 copies of it to total strangers. It turned out that wasn’t very hard. The revised and expanded plan is to document everything I experience in my attempts to promote Perishables, its sequels and other works by me.

Initially I chose to pursue this because almost no one online seems to be willing to give a guy a straight answer about how easy – or excruciatingly difficult – it is to sell a book so I’m finding out for myself and letting the world watch while I do. The goal of ten sales was modest but I’m not doing this to pay the rent. I write because I love to entertain myself and I’m doing this because I love to experiment. If I screw up royally and fall flat on my face along the way, no big deal: I consider failure as informative a result as anything else.

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